Stroud second overall, the Texans traded up nine slots, from 12 to three in the first round, to take Alabama defensive end Will Anderson. Mel Kiper, for one, liked the first two picks but the others, not so much. There's no questions about Lamar.". Now the NFL draft is approachingteams are on the hunt for talented players who can do specific things at an elite leveland the former Wolverine is still a question mark. In three years, well see if Ziegler picked right in the NFLs 88th draft. Question: Is consistency going to be an issue? Its the list of a former NFL quarterback who has been around the game his entire life, and he makes a strong case for Tannehill. Close to them: Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer. And I think that's where I went, 'Man, OK, Justin Fields, a little bit more of a polished passer, a little bit more control with some of the down-the-field, wow-type throws than I gave him credit for.' Mac Jones ahead of Trey Lance and <\/em>Justin Fields? A fourth would make it a full-blown narrative. You can be numbers smart. And I am book smart. Don't try to break the tackle, break somebody's ankles and now you got seven guys flying at you who are all trying to kill you. We stood in a hallway just off the Texans locker room for 12 minutes and I asked him about what hes learned from the last three months. And it's not close. Tom Brady, the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL, has landed at No. Last year, he did. After that, the former Tiger can rely on his 6'3", 225-pound frame. As I explain in the next item about Arizonas draft, Houston could be picking very early next yearwhich will put a white hot spotlight of pressure on Anderson. After Kizer threw back-to-back interceptions, Irish coach Brian Kelly sat his star quarterback for three series in favor of a common foil, backup Malik Zaire. Hes already No. We know what you're thinking: Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence, the consensus No. And they may find it easy to knock Dalvin Cook as he works out next to Leonard Fournette all weekend long. I see a fast receiver, I want him. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs 2. Although he lacks many of the wow moments of a Patrick Mahomes (then again, pretty every quarterback not named Patrick Mahomes does), Prescott gets it done. Simms also is bullish on Jones, the Alabama quarterbackranked behind Lawrence, Wilson, Fields and Lance on most draft boards. I can use my feet. But there wasnt much enthusiasm to deal after Banks and Harrison went off the board. The countdown has moved to the unluckiest of numbers, and No. No surprise, all this mystery. Josh Rosen. I did have over a 3.0 in college. What qualifies Chris Simms to rank a quarterback? He's an absolute machine throwing the football. Number two overall pick in the NFL draft, man. Hes still one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and one of the reasons why we shouldnt just assume that the NFC South will come down to the Buccaneers and the Saints. Chris Simms April 19, 2017 Bob Levey/Getty Images There are two schools of thought when it comes to targeting prospects early in the NFL draft. 11: Ryan Tannehill, The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. The returns are still early, but both of those guys look better than Dwayne Haskins or Ryan Finley, while the jury is still out on Daniel Jones. Stroud, Ohio State "I am beyond blown away from what I sawthis is as close to Joe Burrow as I've seen coming out in the draft. While he is definitely lower than most on the rankings for Fields, is Simms someone who has been right in the past or constantly wrong? He ran for 298 yards and two touchdowns and had seven fumbles (three lost). The test comes this year, with receiver DeAndre Hopkins gone. What about his abilities as a receiver out of the backfield? Check out the video above to see where he ended up and why. He has a 126 Rating, are you only worried about the moment being too big for him? Not nearly as bold a ranking as the one above, but he was still right. And I'd like to see know when to fold them a little bit more.". Kelly, Ziegler (cell phone to his ear at least half of the evening), McDaniels, Davis, left to right in front of the room, in swivel chairs, able to look ahead at trade possibilities or back at the state of the draft board. Chris Simms has gotten a lot of heat recently on social media for his weak evaluation of Ohio State star QB Justin Fields, who is likely to be a top 15 pick on Thursday. Chris Simms has gotten a lot of heat recently on social media for his weak evaluation of Ohio State star QB Justin Fields, who is likely to be a top 15 pick on Thursday. Lol, dude is a joke. Then Ziegler and McDaniels huddled. He pegged Patrick Mahomes as the most special QB talent in the 2017 draft, ranked Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen as the two best quarterbacks in the 2018 draft class and had Justin Herbert as the second-best QB prospect in . The Raiders, after conversations with teams above them about trading up from number seven in the first round, decided to stay in their slot, barring a surprise. for about 2 downs. When the TV showed a crestfallen Will Levis, undrafted, still in the green room in Kansas City, he said: Someone should tell him careers are not made on draft day. 1 overall quarterback on his board entering the 2018 draft. in the toughest conference in college. Josh Allen, 3.) Some will shake their heads. Those guys normally dont carry the rock 25 times every weekend. Hes never been one. Trubiskys next team will ask him to command a huddle and tell 30-year-olds what to do. Detroit up. I know that I can think. In 2017, he ranked the 3 first round QBs in the exact order they were drafted (yes, with Trubisky first). 10, if hes there, Aaron Rodgers has quickly embraced the New York sports scene. Simms also co-signed the Jones comparisons to Tom Brady, noting that the 6-foot-3, 214-pound quarterback isn't too athletic but has "unbelievable feet" and great pocket presence. Source:, 2019: (1) Kyler Murray (2) Drew Lock (3) Dwayne Haskins (4) Ryen Finley (5) Jarrett Stidham (6) Daniel Jones. 11 to Tennessee. He said this on Bleacher Report. His arm is more powerful than Joe Burrow, to me.\"<\/p>\r\n\r\n

Simms also co-signed the Jones comparisons to Tom Brad<\/a>y, noting that the 6-foot-3, 214-pound quarterback isn't too athletic but has \"unbelievable feet\" and great pocket presence.<\/p>\r\n\r\n

Some view Jones as a potential fit for the New England Patriots, who own the No. Best tight end in the draft, Kelly said. Here are his last 4 NFL draft QB rankings: 2017: No rankings for this class, but did say that Patrick Mahomes was the most special QB prospect of the draft (way more impressive considering he said that before the draft). Chris Simms on 2023 QB rankings By Moosejawcolt March 20 in Colts Football Share Followers 2 Moosejawcolt Senior Member 7.2k Posted March 20 Go to Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast and. I have a great memory when it comes to football, Stroud added. Levis has inside track to be future of Titans, Eagles add three Georgia studs to elite roster, Belichick keeping Jones, Zappe on edge after draft, Simms: Hooker has more talent than Goff, NFL draft takeaways: QBs selected on Day 3, In the end, the Packers fleeced the Jets for Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers blamed cell service at his house for not returning Brian Gutekunsts calls, Trade charts show Jets sending Packers equivalent of a high second-round pick in 2023, Deion Sanders is ashamed of 31 NFL teams for not drafting any HBCU players, Odds greatly improve for Will Levis to be the first overall pick, Jim Irsay asks fans whether Colts should pair Will Levis with Anthony Richardson, Jalen Carter says Eagles will take him at No. 22 Zach Wilson of the New York Jets and No. And he has plenty of motivation to get back to No. You can be analytics smart. So, it's worth noting that Simms believes Wilson is significantly better than Lawrence and shares traits with Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. He is that gifted of a runner.". Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers 4. Caserio told me at NRG Stadium that Stroud was clearly the teams target at two. 5:32 p.m.: Will Anderson to Houston at three. But thats what talent evaluators are paid to find. ______________. Now, this is their chance to build something. "There is some separation. Justin Fields is not yet a top-20 quarterback in the eyes of Chris Simms. Stay away from predictionsthat way, you wont have to eat them later. 2 QB in 2020. HOUSTONTwo big stories here when I landed from Vegas: Theres no other way to put it: After picking C.J. By the time he returned, Patrick Mahomes was taking the league by storm. Ziegler made a couple of calls about moving up to fill a hole left by the trade of tight end Darren Waller with Mayer, but never got faror appeared enthusiastic to do it. Besides, there are many great quarterbacks right now, young and old. Kirk Cousins is so good, the Vikings defense has decided theyre no longer necessary. Because of the Simmms name he gets to have a weekly ranking and he has a Rodgers love and then no matter the order after that. 5:54 p.m. Paris Johnson to Arizona. Question: Can you adapt to the professional game? 15: Tom Brady, Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. I can tell you two things for sure, though: Simms is definitely in the minority with the opinion that Wilson is a better prospect than Lawrence, and Simms has earned the benefit of the doubt with his recent QB prospect takes. There are many quarterbacks who, entering 2021, are in a better position to thrive. Last year, Lamar Jackson was taking the league by storm. Its something Im accustomed to. Thats what Im here to help this team do. Which isnt bad. The answer, surprisingly, is that Simms has been far more accurate on his QB rankings than a lot of people would admit to be true. Tell him this happened to Aaron Rodgers too. And when he looked up and saw speedy Jalin Hyatt, the wide receiver, still on the board with a high Raider grade, Davis said to McDaniels: Too bad we dont have a need at receiver. You cant play football on your daddys name. Drill work is more important to Peppers than any other prospect at the combine. The Raiders expect Wilson to be ready to play this season on schedule. The best thing . We could get [Oklahoma tackle Anton] Harrison at 12, McDaniels said. Top 5. Rodgers Mahomes Goff Brees. Its a huge weekend for them. Lest we forget, the lead-up to that draft was rife with takes about how Jackson would be better off playing a different position, and he won MVP as a quarterback two years later. But its not my list. Fields completed 58.9 percent of his passes in 12 games during his rookie season, throwing for 1,870 yards, seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions. And Zaire beat out Kizer for the starting gig in 2015. I had over a 3.0 in high school. But he did make a big jump from last season's ranking. Considering the freak athlete in question, both answers are probably "yes." 1 pick? 39), and Drew Lock (No. 15. 1 overall pick, and nothing has changed since. The NFLs offensive rookie of the year had enough of an impact to land at No. Every pro scout should have a red flag raised here. Over the last three years, Simms has been pretty spot-on with his draft analysis. "This kid is not just a straight-ahead runner. But as he continues to fail to get the ball down the field, it may get harder to find openings closer to the line of scrimmage. 17: Philip Rivers. First, a reminder that Simms is pretty good at this stuff. But Aaron Rodgers still No. 9 on the Chris Simms top 40 countdown for 2020. Scan this QR code to download the app now,,,, Watch more top videos, highlights, and B/R original content, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. That wasn't necessarily an unpopular opinion at the time; the questions about Mahomes entering the draft that year was not about his talent but if he could harness it effectively. I really think that theres different types of ways to be smart. He just needs to show a little "get-off," the term scouts use to describe the first couple of steps receivers use to separate off the line of scrimmage. 3: Aaron Rodgers, The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. [I've] seen him step on the pedal and throw the 100 mph fastball. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks 3. Before long, Murray could maybe challenge Wilson for supremacy in the NFC West. 1 leg. Its part of my DNA, Davis said. Ditch the 60-yard throws; can Watson perfectly hit a 10-yard in cut, 10 times in a row? Last year, he and Brees were back-to-back at No. 7:36 p.m.: Crosby sent a video message to Wilson, and in the draft room, Ziegler had it and he showed it to McDaniels and Davis on his phone. See below for the complete list of Chris Simms 2021 draft QB rankings. Eventually well see what kind of advantage Rivers brings to a Colts team that, as of last year, assumed Andrew Luck would be the starter for years to come. Stroud's ability to make high-level throws and just drop the ball in the receiver's . Chris Simms of NBC Sports and Pro Football Talk recently released his rankings of the Top 40 quarterbacks in the NFL and he has Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson ranked No. Fournette is 10 pounds heavier and powerful enough to keep a running-back-by-committee approach at arms length. As the Simms list continues to unfold, it will become clear why Brees is as low as he is. Stroud, Ohio State; Bryce Young, Alabama; Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford comes in at No. 8: Dak Prescott, The Chris Simms top 40 NFL quarterback countdown, No. I like em, he said. A player who played the way Stroud didparticularly in putting up 41 points in his superb final college game in the playoff against Georgiais not a player who cant process, or cant ID a defense. What qualifies you fan boys to say anything about the NFL? Likely. We value the TAP test (a test in the pre-draft process that measures mental toughness, drive and composure under pressure), and Tyree got one of the highest grades on it, a Green plus-plus. Ziegler and McDaniels did know by staying putand they would get a phone call that surprised and tempted them minutes before their pickthey were not in control of their fate. 12: Kyler Murray, The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. One word of caution: In compensating for a lack of perceived size, Cook shouldnt compromise that speed and sizzle. Everything that Ive done in college, Ive been very consistent. That left Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, and Josh Rosen to follow behind that duo. You must be logged in to leave a comment. 7: Matt Ryan, The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. Theyre gonna love you. Drew Brees, a first-ballot Hall of Famer and one of the best quarterbacks of all time, comes in at No. Thats four games a year for the next few years against these great young quarterbacks. Would Simms really prefer Patrick Mahomes to Drew Brees in that situation? He played two games last year. 5: Lamar Jackson, The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. Hendon Hooker is the wild card. From the middle of the 2010 season through the 2018 season, Aaron Rodgers ranked in the estimation of Chris Simms as the top quarterback in all of football. 1, given the teams decision to make Jordan Love a first-round pick. High school prospects without a proper position get the ATH designationshort for athlete, someone who could thrive at multiple spots. When he then says Rodgers is the GOAT, Elway is 2nd and Brady is 3rd, well I think his 5 minutes of fame should be up by now, Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says: 4: Deshaun Watson, The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. HENDERSON, Nev.Just before noon on Thursday, hours before the start of the NFL Draft, Raiders coach Josh McDaniels popped into GM Dave Zieglers office for one last bit of strategy talk. Source:, Dwayne Haskins is likely the obvious one Simms got wrong (admittedly, it was a weak class) but the reality is that Simms has been pretty damn accurate for most of these rankings. I know youre gonna help us win a lot of games. The phone went cold for a few minutes. Although Alabama's Bryce Young had held the position for a while, many have Stroud as the better prospect. Chris Simms probably is the best quarterback scout in media today. Bleacher Report NFL analyst Chris Simms has Lamar Jackson pegged as the No. 25. Would Simms really prefer Patrick Mahomes to Drew Brees in that situation? 40) Ranked #36-40 in the Simms Top 40 QB . Rivers, who is getting the same $25 million for the coming season that Drew Brees will be getting from the Saints and that Tom Brady will be getting from the Buccaneers, isnt in their class. Chris Simms spent eight seasons playing in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans. It seems a little high; Id probably put Tannehill behind Kyler Murray (No. And thats really what separates the best quarterbacks from the next tier: The ability to make something happen when the play that was called doesnt unfold as planned. A year later, Simms put Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen at his top two spots. Sam Darnold, 5.) Yes, somehow, Simms has relegated Rodgers to the No. (Ziegler, on Friday, traded from 38 to 35 with the Colts to snag Mayer, the tight end Vegas wanted above all. For more information, please see our As of right now, youve put as much time and thought into the NFL draft as almost any current coach. 13 has landed on No. 16: Drew Brees, Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. Some view Jones as a potential fit for the New England Patriots, who own the No. 8 only won eight games last year. 10, if hes there, Aaron Rodgers has quickly embraced the New York sports scene, The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. At some point, Newton will get another chance. Humility is something Im not afraid of, Stroud said. He looks like Ben Roethlisberger, but looks will only get him so far. Still, a positive mark on Simms' resume here. I would be more worried about Reid coaching in that spot than the QB. 13 after his third season. 5:33 p.m.: Ziegler on his cell, briefly. 23, up from the No. He's an absolute machine throwing the football. Time that to see if Garretts first few steps match up with his No. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, the 2016 NFL MVP, gets that spot in the top 10 for 2020. The top five QBs thus far this season, based on performance weighted by circumstances, are Mahomes, Goff, Brees, Cousins, and Rodgers. But Simms' list is a unique take on a 2021 QB draft class that New England will be scouting heavily. Are Chris Simms' QB Rankings Really That Bad? Lance has played just one game<\/a> in the last calendar year, but the North Dakota State product has a ton of upside if the Patriots are willing to roll the dice.<\/p>\r\n\r\n

Of course, the only rankings that matter are those of NFL general managers, and it's much too early to tell which QB will land where. | Listen & Subscribe | Watch on YouTube. 1 overall pick potential. Last year, he had Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert as his top two prospects. The unnamed Pats assistant'(gopher) in OConners book. 25. Mayer on the mind in the draft room. He was also a pro quarterback, so there's that too. And he didn't have the greatest offense or support system around him, and that's where I give him a lot of credit.". What does Simms know about quarterbacks? 1 receiver in today's NFL? Just a fact. Every Deshaun Watson game Ive seen sparks a massive debate in my brain. Goosebumps, Ziegler said. But he did make a big jump from last season's ranking. Kyler Murray of the Cardinals earned that spot with a stellar first season that largely went unnoticed, primarily because the Cardinals were the also-ran in the best division in football, scrambling for relevance against the team that went to the Super Bowl in 2019, the team that went in 2018, and a team that has gone twice since 2012, with a winning record every year since then. And it still took him three seasons to earn the starting nod. Thats something that I pride myself on. Brady turns 43 before the next season begins, and as discussed during Mondays PFT Live, Brady is beginning to show some signs of it. I aint tripping about this.. All McDaniels and Ziegler knew was that these four non-QBs sat at the top of their board a short spiral away, graded closely: But as Ziegler and McDaniels hashed it out, and McDaniels talked about the latest intel hed heard about the top six (I hope Ill have something coming in on Houston at two, but Nicks tight, he said, referring to Texans GM/CIA agent Nick Caserio), they realized they were just like the rest of America: They doubted Houston would pick a quarterback at two, they didnt know which GM was fixing to pay a ransom to trade up with Arizona at three, they didnt know which quarterback Indianapolis would choose at four, and they didnt know if Seattle would go QB or best defensive weapon at five. As explained in the attached video (i.e., please watch the attached video), the trade that sent Hopkins to Arizona could actually make Watson better by leaving him without a security blanket and forcing him to work through his progressions faster (and stick with them) instead of extending the play and waiting for Hopkins to spring open. Chris Simms Rankings of the 2018 QB Draft Class: 1.) 5:50 p.m.: Tinny voice from Draft HQ: Detroit has traded its pick to Arizona. Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans 5. Even then, his throwing inconsistencies make it tough to justify. The 2019 comeback player of the year had never really arrived. 14: Ben Roethlisberger, The Chris Simms top 40 QB countdown No. Six weeks ago, Anderson sent a letter to each team, saying Wilson has responded extremely well to surgery. 1 to No. "Zach Wilson is clearly the No. Wilson. As long as he has time to throw, the Vikings have a chance to win every game they play. "I honestly thought Justin Fields in the pocket was a little bit better," Simms said. Florida States career rushing leader has few faults to his game. Baker Mayfield, 4.) Chris Simms rating QBs is like Trump rating Presidents. If you turn on the tape, you can see, you can answer the questions. His elite skill is returning punts, but thats it. That group includes PFT Live co-host Chris Simms, who unveiled his 2023 draft quarterback rankings on his Unbuttoned podcast earlier today. This is the year it could change. 1,367 yards, 10 TDs as a Giant in 2017). __________ "Jackson made huge strides as a player in 2017, but NFL sources maintain he's at best a developmental quarterback and at worst moving to wide receiver. Prescott moved up from No. Like Drew Brees at No. If KC comes back to us, Ziegler said, wanna do it?. And he can do it all, from throwing to running to making off-schedule throws to ultimately winning games and chasing playoff spots. Details. Thats easy to say, without considering the merits of the four that landed above him. So check out our discussion of Tannehills spot on the list, and tune in Thursday as we break into the top 10 of the Simms countdown. Wanted to give you a few points. Here's Simms' top six: My 2021 Draft QB Rankings. Chris Simms? Register now! Arizona is on the clock. For Vegas, there goes day-one starting right tackle Paris Johnson. slipped into the room, in his white satin Raiders jacket and stonewashed faded jeans. You go after guys with the potential to be. Simms Spotlight: Patrick Mahomes Is 2017 NFL Draft's Most Special QB Talent | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report NFL Simms Spotlight: Patrick Mahomes Is 2017. Dont talk about timelines with your foot. Dude, I am so excited youre a Raider. What planet is Simms on? Simms and I talked through the reasoning for the reduction on Wednesdays PFT Live. He's a really, really special football player.". Youre gonna talk to the media here in a bit. "Mac Jones was the second guy I was blown away by," Simms said. " If youre going to rank the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now, the criterion should be what quarterback would you want playing for you in a Super Bowl. Chris Simms reveals his rankings for the top quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft class and breaks them into different tiers, from C.J. The NBC analyst continued to reveal his "Top 40 QB Countdown" on Thursday, announcing spots No. But his time through the first 10 meters might. 1 pick? But Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is still good enough to land in the top 15 of the Chris Simms top 40 quarterback countdown. I cannot say definitively that Simms is wrong to think this because he, as an analyst for NBC, has spent far more of his time breaking down prospects than I probably ever will. Were gonna turn the pick in here, and youre gonna be a Raider., In a lull in front of the room, McDaniels said quietly: Our board was right. "I have the least questions about Lamar Jackson,"hesaid. As he enters the 2020 season at age 41, it may only get worse. He did his workin the toughest conference in college. The mobility was a bit reduced. The South Carolina game (six touchdown passes!) 5 on the list. Chris Simms would like you to reconsider.<\/p>\r\n\r\n

Simms revealed his annual ranking of the top QBs in the draft Wednesday on NBC Sports' \"PFT Live,\" and as usual, the list contained major surprises. Were still undefeated! Davis said as Roger Goodell kicked off the draft. Ball security, along with the Bears' further utilizing his mobility, will be a key factor in Fields' development as he enters his second season and learns a new system under head coach Matt Eberflus, who recently praised Fields' deep ball and ability to run, and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Thats the space a team like the Cleveland Browns will ask him to hold down as a 4-3 defensive end or stand-up outside linebacker. Chris Simms like most of these commentators are to be taken with a grain of salt. But, you know, everything happens for a reason. Four minutes later, the tinny voice from draft headquarters said, Houston has made its pick. His arm is more powerful than Joe Burrow, to me.". 1 quarterback in the draft for me," Simms told co-host Mike Florio on "PFT Live." Yes, Cam Newton. Williams could be even better in the pros, where defensive backs are vilified for in-play contact. The quarterback countdown . B/R's Matt Miller currently ranks Jackson as hisNo. Stroud, QB, Ohio State popped onto the screen. His 2021 rankings are as follows: (1) Zach Wilson (2) Trevor Lawrence (3) Mac Jones (4) Kellen Mond (5) Trey Lance (6) Justin Fields. Be sure to subscribe to Chris Simms Unbuttoned for an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football. So maybe he does know what he's talking about and isn't just ranking Lawrence second to drive engagement. The Raiders got their presumptive backup to Jimmy Garoppolo, Aidan OConnell, in the middle of the fourth roundabout two rounds earlier than the consensus of where he deserved to go. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Flipboard (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), Then Ziegler47, in gray suit, black Oxford shirt, no tie, white and black sneakersentered the draft room, where 13 scouts, personnel people, one coach and one owner would plot the immediate future of Al Davis team. If Im a scout, Im clicking my stopwatch one-fourth of the way through Myles Garretts 40-yard dash. One wall, controlled by pro personnel director Dwayne Joseph, with pick-by-pick order and team-by-team needs that change with every pick. The fastball wasnt quite as fast. Mac Jones ahead of Trey LanceandJustin Fields? While the hype is probably overblown a little, Lawrence's play and stats back up what everyone believes. That is one heck of a nights work. This is where the draft starts, Ziegler, stating the obvious, said. The Raiders loved Harrisonnot as much as Johnson, but enough maybe to lose the fourth non-QB they love in order to pick up the 33rd pick. If he doesnt fit in as a defensive back, Im not sure he can fit in this league at all. Click here to follow the Under Center Podcast. Love it, McDaniels said. Id need to hear Kizers side of the story before I consider him a top-25-caliber guy. The much awaited debut of the Simms 2021 Draft QB Rankings are here. Chris Simms does not agree with the consensus and went against the grain (catching a lot of flak in the process) by releasing his QB prospect rankings for this year's draft today, listing BYU's Zach Wilson over Lawrence.

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